What I'm Working On - Fubu New

A screencast overview of what I’m currently working on today.


Testing out screenr today.

Fubu New

I’m currently working on the fubu new command. It’s a command line utility for generating a working FubuMVC project. Yesterday, I spent Open Source Friday working with Sam Merrell on determining a strategy for replacing placeholders in a template project. Sam has done some work with T4, and also threw around the idea of writing a basic templating engine. However, both seem a bit overkill for what’s actually necessary. String.Replace() makes the cut.

At the moment, fubu new only works against a directory. However, adding a default template and simplifying distribution of 3rd party templates (zip, git, etc), is planned.


As for the issue with Spark, I’ll be diving into that as well. Spark.Parser.ViewLoader is spitting out null for one of its values.

Fubu on Mono

Not covered in the screencast, but also an effort I’ve put forth this morning is attempting to build FubuMVC on mono. It was working at one point and now is failing on FubuMVC.Deployers

FubuBottleDestination.cs(49,75): error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Method not found: 'Bottles.Deployers.Iis.ServerManagerExtensions.CreateSite'.

When that method does, in fact, exist.

11 Jun 2011